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We've successfully built and nurtured remote teams. We have the expertise to help you do the same.

Consultancy, Research and Workshops

Think Differently

Looking for a speaker for a conference, meetup, or podcast? We have just what you need. We’ll make sure your audience is engaged, and ready for remote.


Micro Services

You can choose from one of our pre-defined scaled consultancy services.

We’ve helped some of the world’s finest organizations get ready for remote.

Ready for Remote is packed with advice on implementing remote working in your company. There are new ideas around the importance of keeping pretty much ALL communications out in the open, and overcoming feelings of guilt.

Frances Maxwell

Developer at Skyscanner

Fast, entertaining, knowledgeable - Ready for Remote is a must have instruction manual in your global talent tool set. It's like my secret competitive weapon that fixes my global hiring and remote management challenges with ease.

Jeff Wellstead

VP of People Ops at ONI


Flexibility is the future of work. We have the experience and expertise to help you create a successful remote working company.

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