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We've successfully built and nurtured remote and hybrid teams. We have the expertise to help you do the same.

For organisations who are ready to articulate their work model and guidelines, and are building the necessary infrastructure to support sustainable hybrid & remote work. We’ll help your company develop vital resources through construction of employee playbook, digital toolkit, and workflows that optimise your remote and hybrid workforce. From providing custom templates and coaching, to full-scale document creation, we’re here to help.


Digital Toolkit

Are your tools weighing you down? We’ll help you streamline for efficiency.

What is a Digital Toolkit?
Digital Toolkits, or Software Toolkits, are made up of all of the individual software tools your organisation uses, from company-wide email, messaging, video conferencing, project management and wellbeing tools, to individual team collaboration systems.

How do Digital Toolkits impact the success of a remote work model?
Software and technology advancements are the reason remote work is viable. But working remotely well requires more than providing your team with a laptop full of tools. Having a comprehensive set of tools in place to keep your team connected and working efficiently wherever they work is just the beginning. Your tools are only as good as how well your team uses them. Streamlining your software, providing custom guidelines for usage, and driving adoption through education, and iteration is key to success.

How Ready for Remote can help:
We’ll guide your organisation through the analysis, creation and adoption phases for your digital infrastructure to streamline operational efficiency. From streamlining and increasing the adoption of how your organisation uses existing tools to implementing full-scale digital transformation, we’re here for you.

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An internationally renowned consulting firm specialising in workplace flexibility
The benefits of remote work extend into every industry and community, but the process of capitalising on them isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. Our international team of remote work consultants aren't just enthusiastic, we're experienced. Our decades of history building remote teams and officeless businesses provides efficiency and quality that has taken decades to develop, and can't be replicated by any novice. Our experts will design an initiative for your organisation based on the unique needs, culture, and goals of your market to harness the power of a virtual workforce. Whether you’ve been working in a remote model or are just getting started, we’ll work with you to learn where you are in the process, and what your vision is for the future, so we can guide you to meet your objectives.

Think Differently

Looking for a speaker for a conference, meetup, or podcast? We have just what you need. We’ll make sure your audience is engaged, and ready for remote.

We’ve helped some of the world’s finest organizations get ready for remote.
What our clients say
“The team are fantastic and expert consultants with the resources around them to get a project moving quickly"

- VistaPrint
“The Wellbeing in Tech session was amazing. Honestly, even better than the Linkedin Learning courses. Super actionable with great ideas!”

- Sincro Digital
"The team made thinking about the long-term transition to remote work digestible and exciting rather than intimidating. We will be able to feel the impact of this for many years to come."

- Skillshare


Flexibility is the future of work. We have the experience and expertise to help you create a successful remote working company.

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